We also provide coating application service for oil and gas infrastructure project to protect your product against corrosion. For external and internal coating process, we are equipped with shot blasting machine conforms to ISO 8501 1 and SSPC standards to assure the quality of products. The qualities of pipe coating are inspected using high voltage holiday detected equipment.

Internal Coating

Epoxy Coating Diameter 4-48 inch
Design Capacity 800,000 sqm/year
Internal Cement Lining Diameter 4-60 inch
Design Capacity 800,000 sqm/year

External Coating

External Painting Epoxy Diameter 4-80 inch
Design Capacity 800,000 sqm/year
Coal Tar Eamel Coating Diameter 4-60 inch
Design Capacity 800,000 sqm/year
Fusion Bonded Epoxy Diameter 4-48 inch
Design Capacity 800,000 sqm/year
3 Layer Polythylene / Polypropylene (3LPE/3LPP) Diameter 4-48 inch
Design Capacity 1,600,000 sqm/year
Concrete Weight Coating Diameter 4-48 inch
Coating Thickness Up to 150 mm
Design Capacity 500,000 MT/year
Asphalt Enamel Diameter 4-48 inch
Coating Thickness Up to 5.5 mm
Capacity 800,000 sqm/year



  • API RP 5L2 - Recommended practice for internal Coating at pipeline for Non Corrosive Gas Transmission.
  • ASTM A - 569-Adhesion Test.
  • NACE-TMO3-84 - Holiday Detection of Internal Tubular Coating.
  • SSPC-SP10/NACE No.2 - Joint Surface Preparation Standard. Steel Structures Painting Council/National Association Engineer: Near White Blast Cleaning.
  • AWWA & British Standard.
  • SSPC-PA 2 - Measuring Dry Film Thickness.
  • SSPC-SP 1 Steel Structural Painting Council - Surface Preparation Specification No.1 : Solvent Cleaning.


  • CAN/CSA-Z245.20/2245.21 - External fusion bonded epoxy coating for steel pipe/External Polyethylenecoating for pipe.
  • SSPC-SP10 - Surface Preparation Standards for painting steel surface.
  • SIS Standard 05-59-00-1088 - Swedish Standard Institute for Blast Cleaning.
  • ISO 8501-1-1988 - International Organization for Standard Blast Cleaning.
  • ASTM D4417 - Field Measurement of Surface Profile of Blast Cleaned Pipe.
  • ANN-VVA & British Standard.
  • ISO 21809-2.
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